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With 30 Hours of Remote Operating Capabilities, The BOZ XL is Designed for All Terain Heavy Duty EOD Operations



  •  Jaws have 16,500 lbs. of opening force, 11,000 lbs. of closing force, and 4,400 lbs. of forward force for dismantling and lifting cars and breaching building doors.
  •  Weight lifting capacity with fully extended arm of 1,543 lbs.
  •  17 feet arm extension
  •  17 feet high arm extension from ground level
  •  Remote operation up to 1 km
  •  5 cameras (three infrared and two zoom) w/two more capability
  •  Command center in case with laptop & joystick
  • Wheel traction force of 4,400 lbs.
  •  Mounts and connections to fire double barrel disruptor and 8 round shotgun (or customize)
  •  30 hours operation without refueling (Diesel)
  •  Double rubber belts tractor drive


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